My dad just walked over and handed me this.  He’s awesome.

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Dear JGL -  You just made me smile.  (:

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Season 2, Episode 9 - Croatoan

Sam: Dean, I’m sick. It’s over for me. It doesn’t have to be for you.
Dean: No?
Sam: No, you can keep going.
Dean: Who says I want to?

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while watching supernatural…

So I bought all the seasons of Supernatual…. One of a couple things happen while I rewatch.

1. I sound like have tourettes with all the words and volume levels I choose.
example: FUCK. BLACK GOO. NO! SAMMMMMYYYY.  GOD DAMN IT DEAN! AMULET.  THAT. YES. RIGHT.  wait. NO. wait. okay. okay.  good. oka—- THE COLT!

2. I start pointing out the obvious and talking to the characters.
example:  Ceiling’s cracking.  Guys.  Guys, there’s a crack in the ceiling.  Oh, yep. It’s getting bigger. Oh.  It’s behind you guys.  The bitch ain’t dead.

3. I get hostile towards the writers (with a lot of emphasis at Kripke).
example: All I want is one goddamn good moment without the fucking lights flickering.  Is that too much to ask?  Oh. OH!  That’s nice, Kripke, that’s nice.  No flickering lights but they get hit by a goddamn semi-truck.  Yeah, great.  Fuck you, Kripke. Fuck you.

4.  My mother clings to my arm and cries.
example:  Ma- Those poor boys. ;____; -sniffle-  Oh, those poor boys. -despair-
Me- Ma….
Ma- -sniffle- Those poor boys. And John.  That wonderful man… This poor family.

5. I get rude towards imaginary bad guys (and I somehow adopt this shitty version of insulting which is probably something to do with Dean).
exampled: YEAH.  How’s that feel you son of a bitch? Oh, oh.  Hold on.  Let me just grab The Colt and SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD.  TAKE IT, BITCH.  TAKE IT AND LIKE IT.  THAT’S JUSTICE, MATE.  JUSTICE ON A FRIGGIN’ PLATE…. WITH JUSTICE FRIES.

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